The Outback
is in our breeding

Stockmans Stud – Raising Aussie stock dogs since the 1950s, Kelpies since 1981 and Australian Stock Horses since the 1970s.
Producers of tried & tested collars and leads.

Leading Breeders of Working Kelpies

We have been breeding working dogs for over 60 years and Kelpies since 1981. Stockmans Working Kelpie Stud aims to breed Kelpies with strong natural ability to work stock that want to please their owners. They should have a natural cast and distance off their stock but have the strength to come in and force when required. Stockmans Kelpies are working sheep, cattle and goats in 6 states and have been exported to several countries.

Stockmans Australian Stock Horse Stud

Founded in 1974, Stockmans Australian Stock Horse Stud aims to breed sensible versatile horses that are suitable for many different disciplines using only proven Heritage Australian bloodlines.

*Stockmans Gypsy* Waiting for her run in the final of the Barnawatha Campdraft.

We make biothane dog collars and dog chains

After over 60 years of trials and testing, we manufacture our own high-quality collars made from U.S. made Super Heavy Biothane which is stronger, softer, thicker, and more comfortable than traditional PVC.

12 Colours for Adults

Gold, Dark Green, Light green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Teal, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow & Black.

Built Tougher

We use a design that does not use rivets or sewing often the weak point in collars.

9 Colours for Pups

Pink, Red, Yellow, Light green, Light blue, Orange, Dark Blue, Teal & Purple.

100% Aussie Made

We hand make all our products here at the kitchen table in Australia.

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