Our Collar Story

Stockmans Clancy
Quality & Value

We wish to provide top quality products for Australia’s dogs and their handlers. Our products present very good value due to being quality Australian made using materials that ensure they last many years.

Sustainable Design

Our products have a sustainable outcome as they outlast other similar products by 2 to 3 times meaning many less old collars going to landfill.

Locally Aussie-Made

All our products are hand made by my-self here in Australia.

Highest Quality Materials

We use Super Heavy Biothane for our adult collars this material is made in the USA it is 25mm wide and 3.6mm thick which makes it very comfortable for the dog to wear while also being extremely strong, flexible and long lasting. We still have collars on our dogs that are 6 years old that still look like new after a wash. We use standard Biothane 15mm wide and 2mm thick for our pup collars and leads this is also strong, flexible and long lasting. Our hardware is nickel plated steel which is strong and long lasting.

A Mission of Perfection

I have been looking for good quality dog collars for over 60 years and came across a Biothane collar and thought that if it was made using a better design without rivets often the weak point in collars, I could make suitable collars for my Kelpies. I bought some Biothane from the USA and made some collars for myself and a few for friends. Everyone was so impressed with them that it has now developed into quite a business. Much easier sitting in front of the aircon than chasing flyblown sheep in my old age although I miss the dog work associated with bigger sheep numbers!


Bill Scott
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