Working Kelpie Testimonials

"This pup is as good as we had hoped. She has a genuinely gentle nature, knows when to knock off and be a verandah dog, but strong enough not to let a tough ewe bully her. We have had plenty of dogs in the past and this pup will develop to be as good as the best. We are recommending your breeding to any who ask."
Jim Salter’s Riana Liz x Stockmans Clancy Pup.
"Thankyou for your time the day I picked Jonah up, I thought you might be interested to know how he is going. He started showing interest in sheep a bit over a month ago, and he has had a few little runs in the yards and also with 100 or so crossbreds in a 10 acre paddock. He is a really calm dog and very pleasant to be around. He is showing great herding ability and holds a mob together well. He seems to have very good distance on his stock and doesn’t stir them up, but is quite happy to walk in calmly and force. I was very impressed with how he handled the crossbreds in the open paddock, and only 4 months old at the time. He is quite happy to drive them or get to the front and turn the lead, but is also very comfortable to hold them still. I am looking forward to getting him properly started soon."
Report from a Karrawarra Frank X Riana Liz pup
“Winton has developed into a very good dairy cow dog, working young stock or the milkers nothing bluffs him yet he is easily controlled. He is such a character and has a fantastic temperament, he plays with our children fetching balls, shaking hands etc so he is part of the family, we would be lost without him.” Kevin has competed in a few yard dog trials with Mr Winton."
Kerry Allan proud owner of Stockmans Mr Winton
"Mark and I love our yellow dogs they both work cattle and sheep Jessie the white pup in the kennel photo, even loves to practice sheep trialing though we have not competed any open events yet . Tilly the dark eyed bitch is very brave and can be left on her own with a mob of bullocks for as long as needed."
Mark & Glenda Pretti proud owners of two cream Stockmans Kelpies

Dale & Caroline Thompson’s pup is a beauty

Dale Thompson’s pup out of Stockmans Meg 3rd by Nearo Sky started backing at 5 months and will cast well over 400 metres at 8 months a champion in the making. Caroline told me their sheep got out into the neighbours into a 150 acre paddock and their pup cast out around them and brought them home. They are very happy with her.

Dale & Caroline Thompsons Pup
Dale & Caroline Thompsons Pup

Karmala Blue Bell is off to Denmark

There she will work sheep and cattle for Heidi Wandborg. I showed her cattle for the first time and took the photos you see here. Bell showed great strength with some bark, nose bite annd general agression. On sheep she has shown some bark but no bite and good cover and balance. I believe she will make a top dog. Heidi is lucky to get such a good young dog, I am only letting her go as I have too many of a similar age at the moment and can’t give them all the attention they deserve. We are house training Bell as it is law in Denmark that all pets including working dogs are kept in a heated area during the very cold winters.

Lacey very happy backing

Brian Ashworth is very happy with his pup out of Karana Gidgee by Stockmans Clancy. This pup is only 11 months old and is working well in paddock, yard and shed.

Brian Ashworth's pup.
Brian Ashworth's pup.
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